Beyond Love

GENRE: Drama

LENGTH: Episode 1: 1 x 30 min

Episode 2: 1 x 30 min




IN PRODUCTION: Ep1: July 2019

Ep2: Coming 2020

SYNOPSIS: Vittorio is left numb by the passing of his wife and struggles to help his teenage son cope with the loss.  When he discovers that his late wife secretly invested in a dance studio, as a surprise gift for him, both father and son must come together to make a decision that will impact both of their lives.


Vittorio has not dated since his wife passed away 7 years ago. He has no clue on how he should impress or proceed in a relationship with Haley, who he has recently met. He decides that perhaps she will be impressed with his cooking skills, but what should he make? Francesco, his son, seems to have troubles of his own, but Vittorio doesn’t want to meddle… still he can’t stop himself. When Vittorio’s sister shows up after having left her husband and asks to stay with him, Vittorio can’t help but be affected by her negative outlook on love. Does love really exist or is it all an illusion?


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