Invisible Voices: A Spotlight on Italian Canadian Women Writers 

GENRE: Documentary

LENGTH: 1 x 60 min




IN PRODUCTION: Coming 2020

SYNOPSISInvisible Voices: A Spotlight on Italian Canadian Women Writers highlights writers from across the country and brings their work to the forefront, giving voice to the writers and the stories they tell. Italian-Canadian women have created a vast amount of literature.  Their work exists in multiple languages and can be found in anthologies and several collections. Some have received critical recognition, while others are studied in schools and universities.


The voices of these female writers reflect on the hardships that immigrant Italian women, had to face. This literature is a reflection of Canada and brings a unique view, not always available in mainstream Canadian. Many of these authors struggle to get published, and in many cases, remain invisible to mainstream culture.


This is the first episode of a documentary series that will cross the country and genres, to give a voice to largely invisible female writers in our community.

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